Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woe is Me

Aqua-running ... is boring.  Why do the youtube video stars smile when they're strapped to the side of the pool by a tether, flailing like they're rabid?  I tried it.  It's boring.  The ongoing dilemma of finding adequate cross-training occupies my mind.  I seek sweat, an overly rapid heart-rate, sore muscles (not sore tendons!), all-over full body fatigue, something that builds me instead of something that bleeds me.

Other options?  The elliptical, swimming, bike hill repeats.  I think that's all the options.  The elliptical ... is boring.  BUT it is effective!  And the boring elliptical breaks up the monotony of the boring aqua-running.  Yesterday I swam the Masters workout at Los Banos and it was awesome.  OMGosh!  During one part, we had to do three sets of:  sprint 50 meters kick x 2 followed by sprint 50 meters swim x 2.  My lanes buddies killed it.  On the third set of kicks my calf cramped up and wouldn't let go for three minutes.  Excellent!

My Achilles is STILL sore to walk.  I am icing it at least twice a day and I am imagining the healing that is taking place.  Heal, heal, heal!!!  It always feels better when it's numb.  Odd.  I'm also using moist heat to increase nourishing blood flow to the area.  Flow, flow, flow.  Nourish, nourish, nourish.  And I HATE seeing other people running.

Right now I'm off to the weight room.  Oh good, sore muscles again.  And I am looking forward in the manner of the roller coaster.  Positive, negative, up and down.  Will 6 weeks be enough?  Oh and by the way, there must be something in the water here because runners are dropping like flies.


  1. Four days off totally, and I'm bored to death. Even the elliptical hurts. I'm hoping to be able to at least spin by next week. I miss the cardio! Holding good thoughts for you. Sigh. What it is to be addicted to running...

  2. Hi Celeste. It is so hard to be a runner who can't run, and if you can't cross train, it's even worse. I'm so sorry. I hope along with you that you can spin beginning next week. Have you tried water running? It might not cause you pain. Or how about swimming? The injury will pass soon. Heal, heal, heal :)

  3. You just made me laugh! I am up and down too- some days like, OK- this is my lot and I shall make the best of it, "Go Me." And then the other 6 days a week runners better move faster because my cross hairs are lining up! Ahhhhhh- no more cross training!!!!! My ass is sagging but my abs are popping! Ha!