Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moms in Motion Semana Nautica 15K Running Team 2011

Moms in Motion is a great organization which was founded many years ago here in Santa Barbara.  Over the years, the program has grown nationally and internationally, and has helped 1000's of women realize their athletic potential through structured programs that integrate fun training with other women and moms.

For the benefit of those who are located locally here in Santa Barbara, I would like to announce the spring Moms in Motion running program which is soon to begin:  Semana Nautica 15K Running Team 2011.  I am so excited to be leading and coaching this team and my mind is overflowing with ideas for our 11 weeks together. 

This running program is designed for all levels and training options will be available to suit everyone's need.  We will be meeting over the course of 11 weeks beginning Saturday, April 23rd, and will focus on our culminating event:  The Semana Nautica 15K which will be held on July 4th.  Our group runs will occur every Saturday at 8:00 am at varying locations and we will have additional training events mid-week to focus on running form, and speed work.

My goal for the team is to help every participant discover that running is a huge gift and is not just for the gifted ... running can be everybody's gift.  We will build our running program week by week and incorporate additional components such as core strengthening, drills, flexibility exercises, and form work.  Additionally, through guest speakers and coaching, we will have instruction on pertinent topics:  buying the right shoes, hydration, nutrition, injury prevention, cross-training, etc...

Beginning a lifestyle of fitness can be tough at the beginning but with the comraderie of others who have the same goals, and the motivation of a team and a coach, the Moms in Motion program is hugely successful. 

I can't wait to get started.  If you have any questions let me know

We will be holding an Orientation MeetingFriday, April 15th at the Santa Barbara Running Store in Santa Barbara (110 Anacapa Street).  And will get rolling with our first group meeting on Saturday April 23rd.

Additionally, our Moms in Motion Semana Nautica 15K team will be supporting the Santa Barbara County Foodbank.

Visit our website for more information:  Moms In Motion


  1. That's exciting. They are lucky to have you as a coach.

  2. Thanks Dax. I am excited about it and it will be neat to see the way it all comes together. A 15K is a good distance to train for!!

  3. to all you moms out there!!! i cannot think of anyone that will be better than Cindy. in fact i truly envy you. since i am not a mom and since i am one of those left behind (by Cindy) in SD, i can only promise that running with Cindy will be great!!! have fun

  4. :0) Thank you so much NN - aka a great running partner!!