Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birds VS. Rodents

It's a sign.  I'm sure of it.  Not sure what it is a sign of though.  Hmmmmm???!!!!

Big birds with large rodents.  First on Friday, walking back to our car from the track, John winced as a crow lifted off the ground with a dead rat in its claws.  Do crows eat rats?  It is possible that crows eat everything they can.

Then, a few days later, on Monday during my run, I saw an egret ... maybe (or some large white stork-like creature) with a huge, extra large gopher hanging lifelessly from its beak.  Now this was an odd one and I spent the rest of my run wondering how that bird was going to swallow that meal. 

What could it all mean?  Puzzle, puzzle, puzzle.

If it had just been the crow vs. rat sighting, I would have passed it off as just a yucky misfortune to have had to witness.  But upon seeing the egret vs. gopher, I have to assume that there is some deep, far-reaching significance to it all.  It happened twice ... within close time proximity.  You don't see that kind of thing often, definitely not twice in the same weekend.  It's like a reoccurring dream that shines a light deep into the soul.  It holds inner, hidden meaning.  So now it's time to speculate as to what I am to learn from the birds vs. rodents.

Here are some possible interpretations:

1. Cindy, you are eating way too much protein.  Cut back or you're going to choke.
2. Cindy, you've bit off more than you can chew.  You can only have the rat or the gopher, but not both.
3. Cindy, you need to spend more time just hanging out and eating (I like this one).
4. Cindy, as you can see, it is disgusting to eat dead, furry things.  Convert it vegetarianism (not a chance).

Or it could be that I'm the rat/gopher and not the crow/egret, requiring an alternate set of possible interpretations as follows:

1. Cindy, you're at the bottom of the food chain.  All you get to eat is grass and then some larger creature gets to eat you. (That's a deep one ... I'll have to further contemplate that one).
2. Cindy, if you live according to the laws of nature, you'll only get eaten by the next biggest predator. (Ugh!  That's it, no barefoot running for me.  I'm sticking with shoes.)
3. Cindy, if you die to yourself, you will fly. (Even if it is while inside the gut of a big bird).
4. Cindy, if someone wants to prey on you let them try.  They'll never be able to swallow you. (Hello ... just let 'em try).

Or most likely, this is what the bird vs. rodent "sign" really means:
Cindy, clearly you are obsessed with food and eating.  What you saw was just two separate acts of nature that have absolutely nothing to do with you whatsoever.  Get some lunch in your stomach and move on.

Yep, I think that's it.  I'm going to have my lunch now.


  1. Hi! Are you running the road race at Santa Barbara next week?

  2. Hello :) I am planning on doing the Roses en la Playa this Sunday. Are you planning to as well?

  3. I am considering it if a small hamstring injury clears up. Do you have any goals for the race?

  4. Hope your hamstring heals quickly. I think we may have rain on Sunday, but hopefully if conditions are not too bad and not too much wind, my goal for this race will be to go under 18 min. I am tuning up for a big race in April (Carlsbad 5000) in which I hope to run the race of my life :)

  5. Very nice, good luck to you! How many miles a week are you running now?